Start their most important formation towards the pinnacle of success!

In SIMA Institute we expect children that are entering Elementary school to have already begun their physical and emotional development within their families, as well as their affective and social skills development in a Preschool. Considering the importance of these first years in their development, where love and care reinforce the family and social bond, SIMA intends to receive them from the age of 6.

Without realizing it, mom and dad are the ones in charge of providing the foundations that make a difference at school through their care and rules at home. Actions such as playing with the children, letting them explore and showing them the world, helps them form the first neuronal connections. It is very important to set limits and teach appropriate behaviors that’ll help them prepare to socialize among other classmates and teachers.

Elementary is a space where children attain their abilities such as reading and writing skills, both in English and Spanish. Also, they develop the mathematical reasoning that will give them the mental foundation to properly use the various tools and technologies that arise today and in the future.

Together, mom and dad along the Institute, the time to educate their brain, motor skills and senses has come. Working as a team, we will fill the children with meaningful experiences especially focused on shaping their thinking skills, autonomy and socialization.

It is very counterproductive to give them tools and technologies that make things easier for them as we limit their mental potential. Non-digital manual games, household chores and responsibilities still play an important role in the development of their motor and mental skills. Actions such as putting things away, making the bed and washing dishes, will improve their skills even if they make a mess or things don’t go as expected. With hard work and patience, children will achieve an ability that will help them excel in current and future academic activities.

Thank you for your interest in our SIMA Institute.

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