The most important foundation starts at a young age!

At SIMA Institute we expect children that are entering Preschool to have already begun their physical and emotional development within their families. Due to the importance of these first years on reinforcing family bonds and development the Institute does not intend to receive them before the age of 3. Without realizing it, mom and dad begin to set the house rules which allow the toddler to have new foundations that will make a big difference in the school area. Actions such as playing, letting him explore the world, crawling, learning to dress himself, among many other daily activities, helps to form the first neural connections. It is very important to set limits and teach appropriate behaviors that will help shape their social conduct among other toddlers and adults.


Preschool is a space where toddlers get to develop their skills in order to fully comprehend their future Elementary teachings.

The time to educate their brain, motor skills and senses has come. Working as a team, we will fill the children with meaningful experiences especially focused on shaping their thinking skills, autonomy and socialization. At this point, it is very harmful to do things for them when they already have the ability to do it alone, such as pouring a glass of milk, eating, combing their hair, dressing themselves, putting away their toys, making their bed, washing a dish… It doesn’t matter if they get dirty, everything helps their learning

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