Thinking about you and your children

The following services are offered at an affordable additional cost. This can be paid by opening a prepaid account to improve budget control and avoid setbacks.

At SIMA Institute we offer breakfast and lunch services; breakfast for break time and lunch for those who need to stay in the afternoon.

The menu consists of freshly made food and varied dishes such as:

Molletes, hot cakes, eggs, spaghetti with meat, noodles with cortadillo, chicken taquitos, and more delicious dishes.

We also have snack vending machines that operate at all times.

Extracurricular activities

At SIMA we believe that academic excellence should be complemented by extracurricular activities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Welcome, the food is served!

This delicious meal is made with the whole family in mind, we invite you to eat with your children in the comfort of our Institute.

free of charge

As parents, we understand how complicated it can be to juggle schedules, work, traffic and the fast-paced life of our beloved Monterrey.

For that reason, we offer free childcare until 6:30 pm where students can eat comfortably, do their homework and enjoy the play areas in the company of our qualified caregivers while they wait for their parents to arrive.

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